How Did Instagram Get Popular So Fast?

Mainly there are two basic things which help applications to grab the popularity.

  • They are bad enough to be disgraced on a high level and are discussed badly, people crack jokes about the,
  • They are good enough to get the limelight of the consumers and are cheap to use.

Second case is true in case of Instagram. As Instagram has got so much popularity among the social media users and have become more popular because of its popularity among the celebrities.

We can measure the popularity of Instagram by its buyouts, which are more than 1 billion dollars in 18 months. After holding the record for quickly reaching the 1 Million downloads and being the #1 application after the 24 hours of its first launch, no doubt remains. However there are many important features of Instagram. Let’s have a look at them

A Social Platform

As we all know humans are social animals and being connected with the world has become the latest trend. Instagram offers its users to convey their daily routines and special days and event in a very creative manner. Now it is too easy to convey the photos digitally.  Instagram allows their customers to directly capture the images and sharing them directly with their friends and family.

A Free Application

Instagram is easily accessible via iTunes stores and different Google play. With a single click you can access the new world of photo editing tools and this world costs you nothing. This application is free in reality means, its different from other applications as there are no ads popping up on your mobile screens.

Easy to Use

Instagram has offered its services to each and every person as it don’t include any confusing method. The method of use is very simple and easy and usable for both tech and non tech people. The services go in a flow and are free of any extra thing.  You can post your digital arts like photos with a small edit easily.

Exposure to creativity

Instagram provides its users a high level exposure towards creativity. They have very advance and easy option to add the effects, border and captions. The creativity feature changes the look of captured images drastically. Other apps don’t offer this much creativity for your posts and are boring to use.

Fast & Instant:

Instagram is much better than the other available applications in the market, as it gives its users a very fast and instant access. Instagram is giving the updated versions regularly and trying to make the access more and more instant.


Attractive Posts:

Pictures and images are more attracting than simple words. Instagram help their users to convey their life events in a very attractive manner, you can add words in the caption method.

Target the potential customers: Instagram is most attracted by youth than any other social media like Facebook, therefore if a company uses it for their business advertisement , it may meet its expectation by targeting the proactive customers.


They offer you a great sense of privacy, you can allow selected people to see the images you have posted and can restrict others to see your images. There are fewer chances of your photos being stolen on Instagram and this feature makes Instagram more useful and reliable for its users. Instagram don’t allow other to save the images and photos from the screen.

A Platform for information

Instagram is so famous among celebrities. There are so many celebrities in Hollywood, who are very active on Instagram. You can follow your favorite celebrities on Instagram and can have the insight of their personal lives.

Is joining Instagram a necessary evil? Surely yes, one can achieve the desired look, by customizing the photo’s contrast, brightness, and themes, so it is an essential and the effective way to be successful in social media network and photo sharing communities.

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