Easiest ways to increase your Twitter followers

Twitter is all about the fun of meeting new people, of interacting with others, about sharing your preferences with other people, but there is no way to do that without actually having followers! There are, however, a few interesting ways you may have never thought of to increase your Twitter followers!


Start out easy

You can start out by simply following other accounts which have a lot of followers, reply to their tweets, or simply ask them to maybe promote your account. People who follow that account and have a high interest on it will automatically take an interest in your account too. If that doesn’t work too good, then there are other ways as well!

A lot of other sites now have the possibility to attach a link that will take people who find you on that site to your twitter account. Tumblr, Facebook and other important social networks are directly linked to twitter, so by pressing a few buttons and clicking a few icons you can allow people to follow you on Twitter. In case you’re popular on Facebook or Tumblr, then you shouldn’t worry, you’ll soon increase your Twitter followers as well by using that feature.


Sure, I got them to follow me, but how do I keep them?

The secret lies in diversity. The only way to keep a high number of followers is by tweeting about a variety of things. Don’t refrain yourself to just one topic, try writing about different kinds of topics. From business, to self-motivational quotes, to accurate facts, try to find out what are the trends and start following them! Ask questions daily, reply to others’ tweets, so that they’ll feel like you’re interested in their account as well.

An even easier way to gain Twitter followers is to simply follow back those who have followed you. A lot of people don’t actually follow back too much, in hopes of becoming popular, but actually, they end up losing those followers soon after.

If you’re a blog writer or a story writer, and you have a story or blog to regularly update, then you may not need more than that! After following the link on the site to get to your Twitter account, you can then post a lot of quotes from your new updates, before actually updating them! Spoilers spark many people’s curiosity, and they will always check your account, in case you may have hinted more about your future update. This is a very easy thing that could increase your Twitter followers, but you simply have to make sure you do mention your blog or story from time to time. The point is for everything to be correctly balanced- if you mention it too often, people will no longer be curious about it; if you don’t mention it at all, people will only follow your blog, and not your twitter.


Diversifying is the key, as many have said, and using that can get you thousands of followers on Twitter.

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