How to increase your youtube video ranking

YouTube is maybe the most searched site by people around the world, after Google. If you want your other websites to be known or visited often, then YouTube is a very good way to promote them. But in order for it to be successful, you also need to have a very high ranking, that could draw people’s attention at first sight.


What you need to be careful about

When you want to get a really high YouTube rating, it’s very important that you take that task very seriously. The details on the video must be very carefully made and checked, so that your rank will rise. Everything has to be in complete order, so that you can make the best of it.

The title is the first and most important detail you need to take care of, as it will later be the reason why people click on your video. It should draw people’s attention, but at the same time, it shouldn’t be too aggressive or to promise too much. People dislike such things, as they often consider that you set up high expectations you can’t meet. Keeping the title suggestive, but not promising too much, instead going past people’s expectations is a way to get you more likes and favorites. Even when someone adds your video on their ‘watch later’ playlist, it counts for your rating. A good idea is to make your video a ‘How-to’, as how-to videos and titles have proved to be the most popular ones.The description is another important part of your video. You need to make it as error-free as possible, to check the possible grammar errors and fix them. No one clicks on misspelled words. In the description, you should also add some of your most important tags, as they’ll be useful when people search on Google for videos. The tags themselves are another aspect you need to take care of, if you don’t include the tag, the video won’t get ranked on YouTube. Also, you need to include at least 10 tags that should be related to your video, so that it will get high rankings.

Less known ways to increase your video ranking are YouTube’s new transcribe function and also the length of your video. It is well known that videos that are more than 5 minutes get a higher ranking, so don’t worry when your video is starting to look too long, it’s perfectly fine that way. It will contain a lot of information, and that’s what everyone’s looking for – it’s better one that will be enough than 5 which won’t suffice. By using the new transcription function though, you can immediately increase your video ranking. It doesn’t even have to be that accurate, so it’s a big plus you can make good use of.


Don’t be afraid to try anything you can

Your video will also get ranked according to the number of likes, shares and comments you have. Encourage your viewers to like and favorite your video, and keep the conversation going by replying to comments as much and as often as you can.

When it comes to views and shares, basically the most important facts, things don’t occur the same. You can share your video on different sites in order to get more views, but if that does not work, then there’s another option. You can actually buy views and shares, a very useful and effective method to increase your video ranking fast. By buying them and having a highly viewed and shared video, people will immediately feel curious about it, and will want to check it out themselves, giving you even more views.


It’s all a matter of coordination -combining all these details together is sure to give your video the rank you desire!

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