Creative ways to increase Facebook likes

Either we like it or not, social networks have now become a very important part of our everyday life. From Twitter, to Facebook, to Tumblr and so on, we use these social networks for almost everything: to interact with others, to read news, and even to make money. One of the best known social networks is Facebook. The first thing we do when we wake up in the morning and the last thing we do before we go to sleep is of course, checking our social accounts for new notifications or likes.

Of course, the amount of likes you have on your page nowadays says everything about it, as people first look at the number of likes before actually checking the page, so together with the interest for that number, the number of ways to increase it has also grown.


Like for a like

One way to increase your Facebook likes would be to ask everyone you know to like your page. Even more, you could exchange likes, using the famous ‘a like for a like’ method. There are a great number of groups where people trend these kind of likes. Through those you could even try to get other pages to promote you, in exchange of something, and from one to another, you can gain a lot of Facebook likes. However, if you don’t know too many people, that is not a problem, there are many other ways to increase your Facebook likes!



A popular method nowadays is made out of contests. Running a contest can get you thousands of likes, the important thing is to know how to properly create it. The first thing that has to be done is to make sure that the contest follows Facebook’s promotion guidelines. Study it well, then you can get to work! In order to make a profitable contest, you must use a Facebook app for your contest, which will allow you to create a fan-gate, which is very useful. Through that, people will have to like your page before entering the contest. Once you made it, you can use the app’s URL as an ad.



Facebooks ads are a very good way to increase your Facebook likes. They’re very easy to use, but also, they target a very high audience. They don’t work in the same way as Google ads work, so you may need to make some research before starting on that. Apart from the differences, the Facebook ads tend to be easier to use, less expensive and very effective. They expose your page to a large audience, and even more, if they like it, their friends will see it as well.

The most used kind of ads on Facebook are the ‘Like us to’ ads. You can use coupons or contests to promote there, which are sure to make othesr click on them. Even more, the new Facebook advertising reports can give you detailed reports about topics you ask yourself, such as the age, the country or the gender of the persons that access your ads. It could really save you some really good money.


Add a ‘Like’ button to your posts on other websites

A very important social plug-in Facebook developed is the Like button. You can basically put that button on any page you have, and if a Facebook user visits that page, they have the possibility to like it. Even more, if they are logged in while being on your page, the personalized button can show them how many – and who exactly – of their friends has liked your page.


WordPress plug-in

Pay with a Like’ is a plug-in that has helped thousands of people gain Facebook likes! Following its name, it allows the visitors on your site to exchange a like for anything you want to protect, such as downloads, pictures, articles, pretty much anything. It’s not just that, but once they’ll like it, their friends and followers will see it as well, so maybe you’ll get more than one like. The plug-in is very simple and effective, and it works on a variety of sites. It doesn’t need a subscription or an ongoing membership, so you don’t have to always check it. You can purchase one plug-in, or more, which you can use on a site or on various sites. It’s extremely flexible and it always comes in with a guarantee.



The evolution of the technology has only tried to help us, so it’s time we make use of everything good that technology has brought. There are now more and more ways to make money, and simple things like Facebook likes can help us both with our personal life, but also with our financial situation. Put together, the small things we make to gain more Facebook likes can become a great help in the future.



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