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Why Instagram is Crucial to Your Marketing Campaign

Instagram is one of the most overlooked social media platforms when it comes to marketing, which is a serious mistake on the parts of all those businesses. Read on and we’ll look at why Instagram is so crucial to your campaign and why you should buy Instagram followers UK for a great head start.

Instagram is often forgotten when talking about social media marketing partly because of the medium. Instagram deals in pictures rather than text and that makes it harder to understand if you’re not naturally social media savvy.

But the stark reality of the matter is that Instagram is the second largest social media site on the web in terms of users. It’s highly popular among audiences (a market segment that Facebook is losing a grip on) and actually, the fact that it focuses on images can equally be seen as a strong positive factor.

Investing time into Instagram and opting to buy Instagram followers UK can offer incredibly good ROI…

How to Use Instagram Right

The key to understanding Instagram is to understand the concept of the value proposition – and of selling a lifestyle

If you have a brand and you’re selling a product, a service or a website, then that means that you are also probably selling a lifestyle.

If you sell fitness products, then that lifestyle is one that revolves around being fit, healthy and strong.

If you sell gardening products, then the lifestyle you promote is probably to do with natural living, organic products and maintaining a beautiful home.

If you write about marketing, the lifestyle is going to be focused on financial independence, success, business and money.

This is important because it’s your value proposition. This is the reason that people buy your products. People don’t buy ebooks because they love taking up space on their computers; they buy them because they hope they can change their lives and make them more confident, more wealthy or fitter.

This is the emotion and the vision that drives the sale and this is something that you can convey much more easily through an image than you can through text.

Want to sell a protein shake? Then build a following on Instagram and use that to show pictures of people working out in the gym and pushing themselves, or people going for runs on beaches in the sun. Your audience will see that and they will wish that they had that body, or that they had that determination – and they’ll check out your product.

Remember: an image tells a thousand words! However in the context of instagram, an image can tell alot more than a thousand words if that particular profile has more instagram followers, which is why it is important to buy instagram followers UK.

More Benefits of Instagram

And there are more benefits too. For one, Instagram has an incredibly low ROI. Writing a sales letter takes hours but taking a photo takes minutes. You can keep Instagram going by snapping shots on your phone and build a much closer relationship with your audience.

Instagram is also highly versatile and works seamlessly with other social media platforms – like Facebook for instance which actually owns Instagram.

And the fact that there are so many people here and that so many businesses aren’t taking full advantage of that makes this a ripe audience for you to market to, especially in the UK, where more and more of the population is are using instagram. That being said buying instagram followers from UK sources such as ours, would be a good way to increase instagram followers.

How to Get a Head Start

So with all that said, how do you start making a splash on Instagram? How do you build that audience and show those images and your value proposition to thousands or millions of potential customers?

A great place to start is by buying Instagram followers UK. You can get a huge boost in numbers for a very good price and that can give you immediate access to hundreds or thousands of new customers. What’s more though, is that followers beget followers. Simply buying that first 1,000 for instance, will help you get thousands more. That’s because you’ll get more likes and more comments on your photos which will make your images instantly more noticeable.

If you want to start playing in the big leagues in the UK, this is one of the easiest ways to do so on the web right now!